'The 1973 Paris Agreement showed clearly that Nixon's policies in Vietnam had failed'

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  • 'The 1973 Paris Agreement showed clearly that Nixon's policies in Vietnam had failed'
    • Peace treaty signed which ended US intervention in the Vietnam war
    • Vietnamisation policy failed
      • ARVN equipped with nee M-16 rifles supplied by the US. Shows incentive to win the war and not abandon Vietnam
      • Withdrawal of American troops
      • military action still increased through intense bombing campaigns such as rolling thunder which one air-raid on Hanoi for seven days killed 2,000 people
        • Further air-raids such as Operation Linebacker 2 led to 227 iar raids in North Vietnam which had little success due to them bombing at random, rather than strategically.
    • The Viet Cong and the Viet Minh had incentive to fight against a foreign oppressor. The ARVN had no real drive to fight for the USA. Cong and Minh = successful fighting force
    • Watergate Scandal resulted in the resignation of Nixon which stopped him from being able to continue the bombing campaigns after the agreement with North Vietnam to stop the bombing campaigns
      • North Vietnamese forces successfully controlled the South with one final offensive in early 1975 ending the Vietnam War and uniting Vietnam under a communist regime
    • US were fighting a war they couldn't because they failed to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people
  • The people of Vietnam ultimately supported the Viet Cong over the ARVN and US forces.


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