Thatcher's Foreign Policy and Falkands

Mindmap on Thatcher foreign beliefs and achievements

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  • Thatcher's Foreign Policy
    • The Flaklands
      • Was Britain's last colony
        • Leftover of our emiralist paast
      • Owned by England since the 1820s
        • Britain held sovereign of the island
      • Strategic power in the South Alantic
        • Lost 3 Navy Ships
      • Took 2  months for Britain to capture the island
        • Made the world think Britain still had power
          • Russia is waiting for Britain to fall and lose power
        • Got rid of the negativity from Britain losing the Suez
          • If Britain never got the land back- Protrayed as weak
            • America was disgusted about the falklands recapture
      • Captured Britains empiralism
      • Aregetina wanted the falklands
        • Turned Aregetina into a democracy
          • Past leader General Galteria (dictator)
    • 1979 Election
      • Labour's weakness
        • Wilson's Resign caused a decline in party unity from 19976-79
        • Unemployment was at 1 million
      • Thatcher's strenghts
        • Her  personality, confidence and drive
        • Against the big government
        • Avoid specific policies to gain a wider demographic
        • Strict economy unlike Labour
        • Media was in favour
        • She shifted her policies to attract the working class
    • Thatchers Beliefs
      • She didn't like the  department called the foreign commonwealth department she felt that it was merging appeasement and foreign decline
      • Refuse to accept Britians decline in power
      • She was an Atlantis
        • Had close ties with American President Ronald Reagan
        • 1982 Allowed  the USA put cruise controlled missles on British land
        • She gained friendship with the Russian Leader Gorbachev
      • Still kept trading with South Africa after the commonwealth treaty
        • Prolonged apparthied
      • Saw Europe becoming a Social Democratic state
        • Something Thatcher despised
      • Commited to Europe in the 1975 referendum
    • Commonwealth
      • 1985 Treaty to invoke sanctions against South Africa
      • 1986+  Budge speech  opposed close intergation
      • Strong Allies with America


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