Thatcherism beliefs

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  • Thatcherism beliefs
    • Individualism
      • "there is no such thing as society" Thatcher
      • Believed that if the rich got to keep more of their money, it would benefit everyone as wealth would 'trickle down'
      • Encouraged private pensions
      • Wanted individuals to take more responsibility for themselves and be self-relient
    • Moral values
      • support for victorian values
      • Critical of lifestyles out of the 'norm'
        • Banned promotion of homosexuality
    • Free market
      • Necessary to promote competition
      • employers are free to pay what wages they want
    • Reduced role for state
      • Individual freedom seen as important - NO dependency culture
      • Would undermine the free market otherwise
    • Monetarianism
      • Total rejection of Keynesianism and primary aim to keep inflation under control
      • Inflation reduced from 15% in 1979 to 2.4% in 1986
    • Cutting union powers
      • Restricted = must hold a ballot before, picketing was reduced, employers could challenge strikes
    • Nationalism
      • Anti-europe stance
      • Falkland war 1982
      • Increase defence spending and develop nuclear deterrent
    • Strong central government
      • Strong state in certain areas of law and order
      • Abolition of greater london council
    • Poll tax
      • 1990 = local council tax, taxed per head and not income
      • Deeply unpopular, mass strikes etc


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A succinct and well-organised mind map. Students could use this as an exemplar when creating their own, but should not forget to link-in evidence to use in gaining marks for AO2, analysis and evaluation.

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