Thar Desert

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  • Thar Desert
    • Fact
      • NW India into Pakistan. Most densely populated desert
      • Sandy, infertile soil, little organic mattter
      • Sandy hills, sand dunes, small trees and shrubs
    • Opportunities
      • Mineral extraction used India and exported
        • Gypsum - Construction
        • Kaolin - Whitener for paper
      • Tourists from Pakistan with desert camel safaris and Desert festival in winter
      • Commercial farming due to irrigation= Wheat, cotton, Maize and mustard
      • Energy
        • Thermal energy plant at Giral with Coal
        • Oil fields in Barmer District transformed economy
        • Jaisalmer Wind park constructed 2001 largest in India
        • Bhaleri solar power is used in water treatment
    • Challenges
      • Extreme temperatures >50c in summer = working hard + animals always in shade
      • Water shortage = 100-240mm annual rainfall + strong winds
        • Obtained from underground or natural/man made ponds
        • Indira Gandhi Canal = in 1958= irrigation and drinking water = Jodhpur
      • High temperatures melt the roads and winds cover with sand = Transport is difficult


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