Thames River Basin

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  • Thames River Basin
    • Water Supply
      • 4700 million litres of water abstracted.
      • Over abstraction has lead to disastrous effect
        • Five rivers have low flow conditions
      • Increased in the last 30 years by 1.7%
        • population growth
        • development pressure and economic activity
        • losses through leakage from distribution systems and consumers' plumbing
    • Industrial development
      • Mineral extraction
      • Import and exportation use
      • Large-scale industries on floodplain like steel works.
    • Residential development
      • Near rivers - supply of water, flat sites for residential and industrial development.
      • Some are built on high ground reduce the risk of flooding.
      • Conflict such as the increase in the demand for housing.
      • Increasing the demand is due to more jobs - more people.
    • Agriculture
      • Lower valley is attractive to farmers as there is a good supply of water.
      • Arable farming in the lower valley and pastural more suitable in the upper course.
      • The arable farming is getting close to wealthy urban markets.
    • Energy development
      • Not used for HEP not steep enough.
      • Waste incinerators - energy
    • Recreational and Leisure
      • Fishing, swimming, canoeing, rowing, sailing,
    • Conservation
      • SSSIs
      • SPAs and SACs
        • Saltmarsh and mudflats home to birds.


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