Thaddeus Sholto Mind Map

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    • Nervous
      • He is a hypochondriac and asks Watson for much medical advice
        • "He was clearly a confirmed hypochondriac... pouring forth interminable trains of symptoms
      • Constanty nervously twitches
        • "He writhed his hands together as he stood, and his features were in a perpetual jerk."
    • Kind-hearted
      • Unlike his brother he wants to give Mary her shareof the treasure
        • "Besides, it would have been such bad taste to have treated a woman in so scurvy a fashion"
      • Wrongly accused of Murder by Athelney Jones
    • Important to the case
      • He sends Mary the pearls and the letter
      • He tells the story of how Captain Morstan died
      • He takes Holmes, watson and Mary to Pondicherry Lodge
    • Strange and eccentric
      • Has an odd exterior appearance
        • "Nature had given him a pendulous lip and a visible line of yellow and irregular teeth
      • Is interested in aestheticism and the East
        • "Two tigerskins thrown atwarth it increased the sense of Eastern luxury"
        • "the richest and glossient of curtains and tapestries"


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