The Sign Of The Four: Thaddeus Sholto

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  • Thaddeus Sholto
    • He is a nervous character.
      • He is constantly twitching and moving in a nervous manner.
        • 'He writhed his hands together as he stood, and his features were in a perpetual jerk.' (C4)
          • He seems to be anxious and uncomfortable as well as eccentric and odd-looking.
      • He is always worried about his health - asks Watson to check his heart.
        • 'He was clearly a confirmed hypochondriac, and I was dreamily conscious that he was pouring forth interminable trains of symptoms' (C4)
          • Could also be seen as self-obsessive as he is worrying about his own problems and is oblivious to Miss Morstan's distress.
    • He is an eccentric character.
      • His house is filled with extravagant decorations.
        • 'The richest and glossiest of curtains and tapestries draped the walls' (C4)
          • Context: The Aesthetic Movement - celebrated 'art for art's sake', he is proud of his art collection.
            • 'I may call myself a patron of the arts' (C4)
        • The luxury of his apartment seems absurd compared with the outward appearance of the house. This insistence of opulence makes him appear eccentric.
      • He is odd-looking.
        • 'nature had given him a pendulous lip and a visible line of yellow and irregular teeth' (C4)
        • Context: Not your 'typical' Victorian gentleman.
    • He is fair and good-hearted.
      • He wants Miss Morstan to have her share of the treasure. He was conscientious enough to contact her.
        • 'Besides, it would have been such bad taste to have treated a young lady in so scurvy a fashion'
      • Wrongly accused of his brother's murder by Athelney Jones.
        • 'You see that I am weaving my web round Thaddeus' (C6)
    • He has an important role in the case.
      • He sent the pearl to Miss Morstan every year.
      • He sent Miss Morstan the anonymous letter.
      • He confirms Captain Morstan is dead.
        • In an insensitive way, which angers Watson
      • He reveals Major Sholto and Captain Morstan disagreed over the treasure.
      • His father died before revealing the location of the treasure.


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