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  • Texture
    • Monophonic
      • One line of music
      • Thin texture
      • No harmony
    • Polyphonic/ Contrapuntal
      • Two tunes being played at the same time
      • Parts which move in contrary motion
    • Homophonic
      • The lines of music move at the same time
      • Melody and Chords
      • Parallel motion, parts move with the same interval between them
    • Heterophonic
      • Only one melody
      • All instruments play the tune but often at different times
    • Imitation
      • A short phrase which is repeated with slight changes
    • Canon/ Round
      • Every part plays the same melody
      • Canons are contrapuntal or polyphonic
      • Often used in Baroque muisc
    • Looping and Layering
      • Looping is repeating a recording of music
      • Layering is different loops being played at the same time
    • Unison
      • More than on instrument playing the same melody at the same pitch
    • Octaves
      • More than one instrument playing the same part at different ranges
    • Antiphonal
      • Two parts playing different parts at different times in alternate phrases


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