Text 9 'Why we all need to eat red meat'

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  • Text 9 'Why we al need to eat red meat'
    • Graphology
      • Appears to conventions of form
      • Use of picture gives a positive image of meat
      • Famous face so people trust his judgement
    • Grammar
      • Varied sentence lengths to add emphasis
      • Informality
    • Phonology
      • Assonance in title so easy to remember
      • Alliteration 'bad boy of british culture' makes it sound as though everyone had a negative perception of beef
    • Lexis
      • Complex lexis due to it being very informative
      • Simple lexis which makes it easier to understand the text
      • Informal lexis used to show he can interact with the audience
    • Context of Production and Reception and attitudes and values
      • John Torode is a well known chef was his own restaurant and has appeared in may television shows
      • Believe beef is the bad boy of Britsih food
      • Audience may change their opinions about beef
    • Purpose, Audience, Form
      • Discuss the benefits of eating meat
      • Readers of the mail online
        • Fans of John Torode
      • Newspaper article


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