Text 6 Glory Glory Be to Chocolate

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  • Text 6 Glory Glory be to chocolate
    • Graphology
      • Starts with epi-paragraph with the overall message you should enjoy chocolate
      • Short stanzas used to combine the aspects of Sin and good
      • Single line at the end to emphasise real message
    • Grammar
      • No real use of grammar which shows informality
      • Does not appear to conventions of form
      • Simple sentence structure
    • Phonology
      • Repetition of glory for emphasis
      • Alliteration 'candies cookies' crafted to entertain
    • Lexis
      • Religious lexical field
      • Figurative language "cinnamon flavour little imps" sinful persona crave it more
      • Chemical terms 'endomorphins believe his opinion is correct
      • Colloquial language used to express opinion
    • Context and production and reception, Attitudes and values
      • Writtten in 1987
      • Epi paragraph links to Adam and Eve since Eve found it hard to resist temptations
      • Confused response to chocolate because dying it is sinful but also good.
      • 'Glory glory'  is a religious reference since it intimates the prayer to God 'Glory be to God'
      • Theobroma Cacao is the scientific name for a cocoa tree where chocolate is derived
    • Purpose, Audience, Form
      • To persuade readers chocolate is something to be enjoyed without a guilty feeling
      • To celebrate chocolate
      • Audience of women
      • Poem


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