Text 4 Grandpa's Soup

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  • Text 4 Grandpa's Soup
    • Graphology
      • One line stanza at the end shows remembrance of Grandpa
      • Irregular length of stanza shows age of narrator
      • First stanza lower case shows age of narrator
    • Grammar
      • Uncomplicated grammar which emphasises the age of the narrator
      • Line 11 starts and ends with colloquial tone which makes it less formal
      • One word sentence
    • Phonology
      • Repetition of Grandpa and Soup emphasises the things he likes
      • Rhyme 'Hoch' 'Loch' used to create rhythm
    • Lexis
      • Scottish dialect
      • Mostly aggressive idiolect
      • Similes show childlike imagery
      • Rhetorical Question makes reader think of own childhood
    • Context of production and reception, and attitudes and values
      • Family relationships
      • Sense of loss
      • Published in 1998
        • Jackie Kay grew up in Scotland
      • The soup acts as a metaphor for remembrance
    • Purpose, Audience and Form
      • To examine family relationships and loss
      • Scottish Poetry fans
      • Poem


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