Text 2 Eating Out

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  • Text 2 Eating Out
    • Phonology
      • Alliteration used to slow pace to show slowness of age
      • Assonance
    • Graphology
      • Couplets
      • Rigid structure shows eating out as very dull and boring
      • Single line shows farther is becoming less controling
    • Grammar
      • Not very formal use of grammar since narrator is looking back on childhood
      • Grammar appears to conventions with use of capitalisation at the start of each line
      • Puncuation used to break up text shows passing of time
    • Lexis
      • Words used to show fathers control and routine.
      • Language shows clear division of gender roles mother the carer and farther in charge
      • Language shows negative connotations of eating out which is unusual
    • Context of production and reception and attitudes and values
      • Autobiographical poem reflecting on past experiences
      • Some people would of received this poem negatively because  of the controlling attitude of the farther
      • Displays caring attitude of mother and controlling attitude of farther clearly
    • Puprose, Audience and Form
      • To entertain by showing strict relationship between farther and child
      • Fans of U A Fanthorpe, also adults due to complex lexis
      • Poem


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