Text 1 Butcher's Shop

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  • Text 1 The Butcher's Shop
    • Graphology
      • Sonnet 14 lines long
      • Does not appear to conventional form with no use of stanzas
      • Long Asyndetic Listing
      • Vivid Visualisation
    • Phonology
      • Use of alliteration adds rhythm
      • Short sentences which create a steady tempo
      • 'Fingers fat as sausages' suggests a negative connotation
    • Grammar
      • Informal use of grammar since the narrator is reflecting childhood memories
      • Declarative sentences used to describe the butcher shop
      • Use of personal pronouns makes us feel guilty
      • Use of commas to create a sinister tone
    • Lexis
      • Formal use of language relicts formality of subject matter
      • Political lexical field
      • Figurative language acts to dehumanise butcher
      • Line 7-9 juxtaposes to the rest of the poem due to idyllic description
    • Context of production and reception and attitudes and values
      • The poem form a collection called 'The way we cam e and was published in 2007
      • Might of changed audience perception on meat/ butchers
      • Based on Angela Topping feelings of Butcher shops when younger
      • Attitude to meat rather ambivalent
    • Purpose audience and form
      • To contrast a childs and an adults view
      • Topping does not distinguish anaudince although graphic imagery may not be suitable for children
      • Sonnet


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