Text 11 Seven Simple Steps to Going - and Staying - Vegetarain

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  • Text 11 Seven Simple Steps to Going - and Staying - Vegetarain
    • Graphology
      • Use of columns
      • Use of steps
      • Navigation bar
      • Logo shows a sense of authority
      • Font colour is a form of branding since goes with the logo
      • Image and stateent by Paul Mccartney could persuade people to turn vegetarian
    • Grammar
      • Supportive tone since there to guide you
      • Abbreviations 'Vegi'
      • Informality
    • Phonolgy
      • 'Seven Simple Steps' sign of branding also emphasises the simplicity of vegetarians
      • Alliteration and sibilance throughout
    • Lexis
      • Fairly simplex lexis to make it accessible
      • Lexical field of references 'vegetarian cookbook' 'website adresses' 'recipes on website
      • Lexical field of health 'ill formed scare' ;dietry needs'
      • Use of imperatives
    • Context Production and reception, Attitudes and Values
      • Vegetarian Society is and educational charity promoting respect for vegetarian lifestyles
      • Many people have a negative attitude for vegetarian lifestyles
    • Purpose, Audience, Form
      • To inform how easy it is to become a vegetarian
        • To persuade people to become a vegetarian
      • People who are considering becoming a vegetarian and people who go online


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