Functional Groups Tests

A mindmap of the tests for different functional groups.

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  • Tests
    • Alkenes
      • Add Bromine Water
        • Red-brown colour decolourised
    • Haloalkanes  R-X
      • Warm with NaOH (aq); acidify with HNO3 and add AgNO3 (aq)
        • Precipitate of AgX
    • Alcohols         R-OH
      • Add acidified K2Cr2O7   (Potassium Dichromate)
        • Orange colour turns green with primary and secondary alcohols
      • Warm with CH3COOH (ethanoic acid) and a little conc. H2SO4
        • Sweet smell of ester
    • Aldehydes     R-CHO
      • Add acidified K2CrO7 (potassium dichromate)
        • Orange Colour turns green
      • Warm with Fehling's solution
        • Red precipitate of Cu2O
      • Warm with Tollens' reagent
        • Silver Mirror
    • Carboxylic Acids             R-COOH
      • add NaHCO3 (aq)    (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate)
        • Effervescence of CO2
    • Acyl Chlorides   R-COCl
      • Add AgNO3 (aq)      (Silver Nitrate)
        • Vigorous reaction and white precipitate of AgCl


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