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  • Testing
    • Software development cycle
      • When developing a piece of software you follow the development cycle
        • 1) Requirements
          • What does the customer want the program to do
        • 2) Design
          • How will the program meet the requirements
        • 3) Implementation
          • Writing the program to the specified design
        • 4) Testing
          • Does the program meet the requirements 1)
        • 5) Maintenance
          • Program output but continued updates needed
      • Final testing
        • The program only goes through the cycle once
        • The customer will get what they asked for
        • All of the required fatures are added at the same time
      • Iterative testing
        • The program will go through the cycle numerous times
        • At the start of each new cycle, the requirements will be adjusted
    • Test plans before implementation
      • A test plan will outline exactly what you're going to test and how you're going to test it
      • A good test plan will anticipate all of the potential issues with the program
      • The three test data
        • Normal data
          • Things that a user is likely to input into the program
        • Extreme data
          • Values at the limit of what the program should be able to handle
        • Erroneous data
          • Inputs that the program should not accept
      • During testing, the tester can add "actual outcome" and "pass or fail"


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