Test for positive and negative ions

A mind map to show the different ways to test for negative and positive ions, gcse higher tier chemistry AQA

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  • Test for ions
      • Flame test
        • Lithium(Li+) - Crimson ( red)
        • Sodium(Na+) - yellow
        • Potassium (K+) - Lilac
        • Calcium ( Ca2+) - Red
          • Lithium(Li+) - Crimson ( red)
        • Barium (Ba2+)- green
      • Sodium Hydroxide
        • When sodium hydroxide Is added to solutions of ions with 2+ and 3+ a precipitate of the metal hydroxide forms
        • Aluminium, calcium and magnesium ions form white precipitates
        • Copper(II) hydroxide is blue
        • Iron(II) hydroxide is green
          • Iron(III) hydroxide is brown
      • Carbonate ions: add dilute hydrochloric acid to the substance to see if it fizzes.
        • If it does and the gas produced turns limewater milky, it contains carbonate ions
      • Halide ions: Add dilute nitric acid and silver nitrate solution
        • Chloride ions give a white precipitate
        • Bromide ions give a cream precipitate
        • Iodide ions give a yellow precipitate
      • Sulfate ions: Add dilute hydrochloric acid and then barium chloride solution
        • If a white precipitate forms, sulphate ions are present


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