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  • Tesco - TNC
    • Background Info
      • 1919 - the tesco grocery stall run by jack cohen in east london
      • 1956 - first self - service supermarket opened in Maldon
      • 1970's/80's - success followed, due to the diversification into new markets e.g electricals, toys and home
    • Where?
      • Ireland (95 stores)
      • Hungary (101 stores)
      • Thailand (370 stores)
      • Japan (109 stores)
      • tesco's products are usually manufactered in low-wage countries
      • Employs more than 450,000.
      • In the last ten years it has become the UK's leading retailer and major TNC
    • Impacts
      • Social and Cultural
        • Created over 450,000 jobs for people across the world
        • Has spread different cultures around the world
        • Pays attention to local cultures and uses local supply chains for the stores in that certain place
        • A "wet" market in Thailand allows customers to rummage through produce to choose what they want which is the way Thailand's customers prefer to shop
    • Impacts
      • Environmental and economical
        • tesco releases a lot of greenhouse gases through shipping goods around the world
        • Have said they are going to reduce packaging on it's own-label products
        • UK's leading retailer because of it's quadrupled profits
        • Many of overseas employees are managers who recieve good wages


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