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  • Tesco
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • form of contributions of its pre-tax profits to charities/local community organisations.
      • Tesco do a "computers for schools scheme", offering computers in return for schools and hospitals getting vouchers from people who shopped at Tesco.
      • "Change for Good" as advertising
      • Greenpeace report Tesco in China were selling vegetables that contained illegal pesticides or at levels exceeding the legal limit.
      • Ofcom report of child slaves said to be unsupported
    • Government Policies
      • Ofcom report of child slaves said to be unsupported (minimum wage)
    • Leadership
      • Sir Terry Leahy
      • The customer must come first
      • Worked his way up, non private school, no flash cars.
      • chats with junior staff and takes in their views.
    • Economy
      • with the credit crunch the announced changes in paying their suppliers from 30days to 60 days.
    • Mission
    • Competitors
      • Market share = 30.2% in march 2012
      • They have huge buying power. Tescos can stop some deals with of other supermarkets with just one phone calls
      • pride themselves on bulk buying . lower variable costs than others.
    • International Expansion
      • Entering into joint ventures with partners, such as Samsung Group in South Korea (Samsung-Tesco Home plus).
    • Emerging markets
      • sales declined 1% in the second quarter. In china
      • They are even planning to expand online for 50 Chinese cities this would give them a huge increase in potential customers
      • there is still significant opportunity for future growth in China


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