Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

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  • Terms of the Treaty of Versailles.
    • Term 1 - War guilt clause.
      • article 231
      • Germany must accept the blame for starting WWI + all the damage caused
      • Many Germans thought this was too harsh
    • Term 2 reparations
      • set at £6600 million
      • Germany had to pay compensation to allied nations for all the damage caused
      • Agreed without consulting Germany
      • Terms changed in 1929 under the Young Plan.
    • Term 3- territories and colonies
      • Many German colonies became mandates under French control
      • Anschluss between Austria and germany was banned.
      • German borders were extensive.
    • Term 4- Germany's armed forces.
      • army reduced to 100,000 men
      • Rhineland became dimilitarised
      • navy still given but only allowed 6 battleships
      • Conscription banned soldiers had to be volunteers.
      • NO armoured vehicles, tanks or submarines
    • Term 5 - League of nations to be set up.
      • International "police force"


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