The Treaty of Versaillies: Aims

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  • Terms of the Treaty of Versallies
    • Aims of the Big Three
      • Woodrow Wilson
        • To reduce armaments, self-determination, create League of Nations.
      • Georges Clemenceau
        • To annex Rhineland and create a buffer zone, impose major disarmament on Germany, heavy reparations.
      • David Lloyd George
        • British military security, to limit French demands because of hope to trade with Germany in near future.
    • Territorial Arrangments
      • Eupen-Malmedy subjected to Plebiscite to Belgium
      • Alsae-Lorraine handed back to France
      • North Schleswig subjected to Plebiscite to Denmark
      • West Prussia and Posen to Poland thus creating Polish Corridor
      • Upper Silesia subjected to plebiscite.
      • Ban of Anschluss with Austria
      • Danzig and Memel made 'free cities', under control of LOG for 15 years.
      • Kiel canal and rivers run by international commissions.
      • Rhineland to be demiltarised
      • Germany colonies shared out as mandates
    • Economical
      • Reparations at £6600 million. It was fixed later by Inter-Allied Reparations. Saar region was subjected to timber and coal exports to France.
    • Army
      • Abolish conscription and reduce army down to 100,000. Rhineland as already mentioned, no military aircraft, limited to six battleships, six cruisers, twelve destroyers, and no submarines allowed.
    • Feelings
      • Diktat, forced to sign article 231. Not just to blame. Did not follow Wilson's fourteen points.
      • Universal disarmament would not occur.
      • Germany was forced to sign by allied naval blockade.
      • Unreasonable on reparations


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