Terms of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles

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  • Terms of the Treaty of Versailles
    • Military terms
      • No tanks or aircraft
      • Army limited to 100,000 men
      • No large battleships
      • Most of its fleet was surrended to the Allies
        • No submarines
    • Territorial Terms
      • Germany lost Alsace-Lorraine to France
      • Germany lost all its colonies
      • Union with Austria was forbidden
      • The Saar was placed under League of Nations control. Its coalfields were to be controlled by France.
      • Danzig was to be a free port under League of Nations control.
      • The Rhineland was to become a demilitarised zone to act as a buffer between France and Germany. It was to be occupied by the Allies for 15 years.
    • Reparations and War Guilt
      • By Article 231 Germany and its allies had to accept full responsibility for causing the war.
        • Provided a moral base for the Allied demands for reparations
      • The main difficulty was deciding how much Germany could and should pay, and how this money should be divided among the Allies.
      • A Reparations Commission was eventually set up to determine the amount Germany should pay.


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