Tensions in Whitechapel

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  • Tensions of Whitechapel
    • Irish Immigrants
      • Left Ireland for the USA but ended up in London. Poverty meant they could only afford to live in the cheapest parts of London
      • Most worked as navvies or dockers
      • Had a reputation for drinking/smoking and being drunk and violent and were also associated with terrorism, Fenian fanatics fighting for independence
    • Anarchists and Socialists
      • From 1848 there was a wave of attempted revolutions across europe. Many of the revolutions ended up in London's east end.
      • Both movements feared by authorities and middle and upper classes, but attracted some support from residents of Whitechapel
    • Fluctuating population: most accommodation in whitechapel was temporary meaning there were some people with no intentions of forming a close knit community
      • Untitled
    • Eastern European immigrants
      • Huge influx of European immigrants, mostly Russian and Polish Jews who had faced persecution in Russia after Tsar's assassination
      • Poverty meant they could only settle in certain parts (cheaper) and tended to stick together, causing segregation. Some parts had 95% Jewish population
    • Resulting tensions
      • Tensions between whites and immigrants over access to housing and jobs. Recently arrived Jews were prepared to have lower pay in worser conditions- leading to increase in Sweatshop conditions- annoyed other employers
      • Anti-semitism and violence against jews grey rapidly. Anyone with foreign accent was suspected to be a violent revolutionary. Foreigners even blamed for Ripper crimes- increasing racial hatred and violence


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