Tensions amongst social groups

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  • Tensions amongst social groups
    • In the period 1713-41, developments in colonial society led to tensions among the settlers, additionally the population was quickly increasing
    • In the 18th Century, the population grew due to natural increase (death rate much lower than birth rate) and increased immigration
      • This led to an expansion of British territory as the migrants too Native American Land that had not been bought.
        • This increased the tensions and led to an increased number of raids from the Natives, as well as the Yamasee War (1715-17), when tribes attacked South Carolina but were defeated. The Natives appealed but were not helped.
        • Free black colonist
          • Faced racism and had fewer legal rights. They were banned from some colonies altogether. Interracial marriages were also banned in all 13 colonies.
          • Number of black slaves was also increasing, therefore it increased fear of slave rebellion.
    • B/ween classes
      • Huge divisions in wealth and therefore in colonial society less land to go around
      • As inequalities grew, getting land was harder to get, making tensions rise. Examples such as Virginia Inspection Act reflect the favouring of the upper classes
    • As colonies developed, so did trade and commerce as towns enlarged. This causes tensions between rural landowner and urban merchants over new laws and who should pay more tax
    • B/ween old and new settlers
      • Old settlers resented new settlers, especially those who were not British such as Scots-Irish. Germans were also resented due to different traditions and different language
        • Led to Pennsylvania making immigrants swear oath of loyalty


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