Tensile strength of plant fibers- Core Practical

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  • Tensile Strength of Plant Fibers- Core Practical
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Tensile strength of different plant fibers
      • Dependent
        • Mass plant can hold before it breaks
      • Control
        • Amount weight goes up by
          • So results are accurate and comparable
        • length of fibers
          • So results are comparable
        • Mass added to the same part of plant
          • Different areas of fiber could have weakness
        • Temperature
          • Can affect strength of fiber
        • Moisture in air
          • Less moisture more brittle fiber becomes
    • Equiptment
      • Plant fibers
      • Forceps
      • Bucket
      • Ruler
      • Clamp stand
      • Sissors
      • Vernier calliper
    • Method
      • 1. Extract the plant fiber using forceps or by placing submerged in water then peeling them
      • 2. Cut the fibers to the same length
      • 3. Attach fibers to clamp stands
      • 4. Add mass to the plant fiber until it breaks and record the mass it breaks at
      • 5. Repeat the results




this is amazing..Thankyou so much

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