A Level - RS - Teleological Elements of Virtue Ethics

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  • Teleological Elements of Virtue Ethics
    • The theory of 4 causes demonstrated Aristotle's concern for the 'telos' or 'purpose'
    • Aristotle is most definitely concerned with the end goals -
      • 1. developing virtues as habit
      • 2. Eudaimonia, the supreme happiness
    • Keenan
      • Summarised Virtue Theory in 3 Questions:
        • Who am I?
        • Who ought I become?
        • How do I get there?
        • there is a clear concern fro the end goal.
    • the analogy used by Aristotle that we are "like archers"
      • suggests that the intention and aiming towards end goal is the most admiral quality.
        • Bowie writes "Aristotle writing in 350 BCE, argues that whenever we do something , we do it to gain an end, and that the ultimate end of all ends is [...] greatest good..."
          • ...."While this is teleological there is another important principle. In order to achieve that end we must practice like archers who want to hit a target."


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