The teleological argument

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  • Teleological argument
    • Aquinas' 5th way
      • unintelligent beings act ina goal directed manner. however these beings/objects cannot move in this way on their own. Therefore there has to be an intelligent being that directs the objects towards their goal. This being is God
      • Archer and arrow- arrow is directed towards the bullseye but the archer has directed it or the arrow wouldnt move
    • Paley
      • The watch- the watch could not have been there by chance or have always been there. the parts fit together perfectly to perform the specific function needed. machines are made by intelligent design. objects in nature are similar to manufactured machines. similar effects have similar causes. objects in nature are a result of something simiar to intelligent design- God.
    • Tennant
      • anthropoc principle- the universe is finely tuned for human existence and to allow human development. if 1 tiny thing was altered, the universe would not suit human existence.
      • aesthetic principle- humans have the ability to appreciate nature. However this is not needed for human existence. God uses beauty of nature to reveal his nature.
    • challenges made by Hume
      • our world is more organic than mechanic. a carrot rather than a watch. Things are growing and developing.
      • if we are comparing the design of the universe to a man made creation. we question God's nature because this would make him more human than divine.


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