Telelogical Argument

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  • Teleological Argument
    • Hume's Criticisms
      • Hume subscribed to the belief in the theory of evolution and the idea that a series a random adaptions made in order to survive could lead to the apparent intelligent design
      • First Argument
        • There is great design in the world
        • Great design implies great designer
        • Therefore the world came about through design
        • To speak of design is to imply a designer
        • This implies a superhuman, anthropo-morphic concept of God which is inconsistent in perfection, therefore the world is imperfect and flawed implying an incompetent designer
      • Second Argument
        • It is very possible that the world came about by chance
        • Therefore the world came about through desgn
        • This is due to chance or design
        • Hume argued that there is nothing in this argument to state there is one divine creator- there may be a team of lesser God's
        • The world is ordered
    • Richard Dawkins
      • he questions why it is necessary to have a religious faith in order to find something important and significant in life
      • He argues that we are grotesquely luckily to be here, we may as easily have not exists
      • For us to claim that human life is intrinsically special, there is no need to ask for more
      • Richard Dawkins agrees that it is it is highly unlike that the universe came about by chance but suggest there is no reason it could have come about by a series of chances
      • He argues that humans are purpose-driven and therefore look at the world through purpose coloured spectacles
    • John Stewart Mill
      • "nearly all the things men are hanged or imprisoned for doing to one another are nature's everyday performances"
      • For Mill there is no intelligent design apparent in the universe and if there is a designer he is either incompendant or cruel
      • Mill suggests that nature is guilty of serious crimes she goes unpunished for and the atrocities through which humans and animals would suffer would not go unpunished if they were a result of human agency
      • "Either there is no God or there exists an incompetent or immoral god"
      • In the book 'Nature and Utility' he criticises the argument
    • Darwinist Challenges
      • Darwinism suggest that the fittest and healthiest memebers of society survive and there characteristics are passed down
      • Charles Darwin is the proponent of the theory of Natural selection
      • Geneticist Steve Jones describes the evolutionary process as a series of successful mistakes


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