Telemachus book 16 mind map

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  • Telemachus
    • 'prudent', 'thoughtful'
      • explains his reasoning for not allowing Od to stay at the palace
      • logical and pragmatic
        • doesn't accept at first that the beggar = Od
        • is untrusting at first
    • 'godlike youth'
      • Od is referred to as 'godlike'- establishes the similarities between father and son
      • presented as a hero - worthy of the gods
    • 'light of my eyes'
      • shown as v important in establishing Odysseus' character
        • Od's journey to Ithaca is like that of the neykia - from darkness to light -> homesick to reunited
      • innocent, naïve
    • 'circumspect'
      • wary and unwilling to take risks
      • doubtful of putting his trust solely in the gods and Od's hands
    • 'noble'
      • of great importance - links him to being the future ruler
      • mature - shows his journey to Sparta and Pylos was also a journey to manhood and knowledge
    • polymetis
      • conspires with Od to bring down the Suitors
    • vulnerable
      • carries a spear with him
      • Suitors still want to kill him
      • lacks authority - Suitors are taking over his household
    • shows good xenia
      • refuses to take Od's seat
      • offers food and clothing
      • pious


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