The Cold War conferences

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  • Tehran Conference 1943 Churchill Stalin Roosevelt
    • Yalta Conference 1945 Churchill Stalin Roosevelt
      • Potsdam Conference 1945 Churchill  Stalin Truman
        • Nazi leaders prosecuted at Nuremberg
        • Reduce Germany in size
        • Divide Germany and Berlin into 4 zones
        • USA doesn't want Germany  to be punished harshly but the USSR does
        • USA  developed a nuclear bomb
      • Germany be demilitarised and forced to pay reparations (6.6 billion)
      • Nazi party banned
      • UN established (replaced the league of nations)
      • USA  doest want Poland to be a communist country
    • Britain and USA open a second front to split German defences and to relieve pressure from USSR
    • USSR declare war on Japan once Germany were defeated
    • Poland to be given land from Germany but give some to USSR
    • Stalin thought Britain wanted USSR to suffer Fata losses to Germany
    • Churchill thought USSR  wanted to spread its influences west and wanted to stop it


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