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  • Teen Vogue
    • Previously in print form
      • Fully online from Nov' 17
      • Went online due to the rise in E-Media
        • Gen-Z prefer online; More accessible and instantaneous
        • Improves profit margins
          • Teen Vogue encourage readers to write articles
      • Now allows for a more active audience
        • 'The traditional idea of audience is over'
        • Consumers are also producers now
          • Clay Shirky
            • 'The traditional idea of audience is over'
        • The website and social media encourage comments to be made
        • Teen Vogue encourage readers to write articles
    • There is use of simulacrum in articles
      • Simulacrum is a heightened sense of reality
        • Artificial copy of a real thing
          • Audience TEND to prefer the glossy version
      • Baudrillard argues that we come to accept the simulacra as being real
        • (We lose the ability to know)
        • Baudrillard is unreliable
          • He only observes; doesn't think of a solution
    • Unique Viewers
      • April 2017- 10M
        • 2018 - 4M
          • 2019 - 5M
      • The drop could be due to change in Facebook algorithm
    • Adorno; Culture has created a false need for products
      • Most articles are selling something or have ads alongside it
      • Consumerism is the new reality
    • Main colour used is RED
      • Republican?
        • Donald Trump
          • 'No such thing as bad publicity'
    • Claims explicit feminist stance
      • Only appears to on the surface
        • In denotation
        • 'No such thing as bad publicity'
    • Culturally significant in its marrying of Politics/Fashion/Lifestyle
      • Refer to themselves and their audience as 'Woke'
    • Target Audience
      • 18-24 year olds
        • 'Teen' Vogue??
      • Sophisticated and Conscious
      • Not aimed at a specific gender


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