tectonic hazards-HIC italy earthquake

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  • tectonic hazards-HIC L'Aqila, italy
    • 6th april 2009. 6.3 on the magnitude scale
    • around 300 deaths (due to collapsed buildings)
    • 1500 injuries
    • over 60000 people made homeless
    • collapsed bridge, broken water pipe
    • aftershocks affected rescues.
    • fires
    • landlsides
    • electric and phones down
    • camps
    • emergency services sent to search for survivors
    • machines sent to remove rubble
    • free phones given to the homeless so they can contact family and frineds
    • bills on homes suspended so people can use money for more important things like rebuilding their homes
    • new settlements built
    • city being rebuilt
    • investigations into why modern buildings were not built to withstand earthquakes
  • primary effects
  • secondary effects
  • 1st responses
  • long term responses


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