Tectonic Hazards Case Study

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  • Tectonic Hazards Case Studies
      • Primary Effects
        • 300 Deaths
        • 1500 injured
        • 10,000 buildings damaged or destroyed
        • 60,000 homeless
        • Water Pipe broken near town "Paganica"
          • Which caused a Landslide
        • Bridge collapsed near town "Fossa"
      • Secondary Effects
        • Aftershocks
        • Fires in collapsed buildings
        • Which caused a Landslide
        • Electricity and phone services were interrupted for a day
      • Immediate Response
        • Camps set up for homeless providing water,food and medical care
        • Ambulances, fire engines and army were sent looking to rescue survivors
        • Cranes and Diggers were used to remove rubble
        • Free mobile phones and sim cards provided
        • Money provided by government was use to pay rent and gas and electricity bills were suspended
      • Long-Term Response
        • City centre rebuilt
          • But criticism over delays
        • Investigation set up to why modern buildings were not built to withstand the earthquake
        • new settlements built for over 20,000 residents who use to live in damaged city centre
      • Primary Effetcs
        • 80,000 deaths
        • 10,000 injured
        • +100,000 buildings damages or destroyed including full villages
        • 3,000,000 homeless
        • water pipelines and electricity lines broken
      • Secondary Effects
        • Landslides
          • buried people and buildings
          • Blocked roads
          • Cut off water supples
          • Cut of electricity supplies and telephone lines
        • Diarrhoea and other diseases spread due to lack of clean water
          • water pipelines and electricity lines broken
        • Freezing winter conditions after earthquake caused more casualties and made rescue and rebuilding operations hard
      • Immediate Response
        • International aid and equipment brought in
          • Helicoptors
          • Rescue dogs
          • Teams of people from other coutries
        • Tents, Blankets and medical supplies distributed
          • HOWEVER took up to a month to reach most areas
      • Long-Term Response
        • 40,000 people from one town have been relocated into new settlement
        • Aid given to rebuild schools
          • some schools still not rebuilt after ten years and some pupils still taught outside
        • Government money given to people to rebuild homes
        • After 3 years 1000's of people still live in temporary tents


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