Tectonic Activity: Completed

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  • Tectonic activity
    • the Earth's structure
      • Crust, Mantle, Outer core, Inner core
      • The inner core is in the centre and is the hottest part of the Earth
        • it is solid and made up of iron and nickel
        • Temperature of up to 5,500°C
      • The outer core is the layer surrounding the inner core
        • it is a liquid layer, also made up of iron and nickel
      • The mantle is the thickest section of the Earth
        • Approx. 2,900 km
        • The upper part of the mantle is called asthenosphere
        • it is made up of semi-molten rock called magma
      • The crust is the surface of the Earth
        • it is a rock layer forming the upper part of the lithosphere (the lithosphere is split into tectonic plates.)
    • The theory of plate tectoincs
      • the crust is the outer layer of the Earth.
      • It is a thin layer between 0-60 km thick
      • The crust is the solid rock layer upon which we live
      • It is either continental or oceanic
      • The earth's crust is broken into plates
      • Heat rising and falling inside the mantle creates convection currents generated by radioactive decay in the core
      • the convection current move the plates
      • where convection currents diverge near the Earth's crust, plates move apart
      • Where convection currents converge, plates move towards each other.
      • the movement of the plates, and the activity inside the Earth, is called the theory of plate tectonics


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