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  • technological Change
    • Nokia
      • failed to notice change in the market
      • Nokia was the leading mobile phone company until rivals entered with smart phones
      • iPhone launched in 2007 and cut Nokia's market value by $88bn
      • Unable to keep up with iSO and Android
      • identified the need to build an 'ecosystem'
    • Apple
      • innovation for first competitor adnavce
      • first to enter the tablet market, very small at the time
      • resulted in them being one of the most profitable companies
      • Companies cant compete with Apples reputation, innovation and amounts of good will associated with the brand
      • their ecosystem has 600,000 aps, compared to Google's android with 500,000 and Nokia with 15,000
    • Book industry
      • change in product
      • development of e-readers has reduced demand for paper books
      • E-ink the Amazon kindle had massive sales
      • can download e-books any where, much cheaper, due to little over heads
      • E-book sales rose 38.9% in 2010, paperback books declined by 13.8%
    • Travel agents and high street
      • change in distribution networks
      • development of the internet and online retail has caused high street footfall to fall
      • there is more transparency on prices and more comparison sites
      • Loss of customer loyalty
      • sites such as eBay and Amzon are easier


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