Technical codes in moving image

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  • Technical codes in moving image
    • Camera shots
      • Close up shots
        • Used to create emotion and tension. Makes the audience feel involved in the characters feelings.
      • Extreme close up
        • Used to withhold information from the audience. Create tension and suspense.
      • long shots
        • used to give information on the character or situation.
      • establishing shots
        • Used to advance the narrative rapidly. Shows where the action will happen. Indicates production value
    • Camera angles
      • low angled shots
        • create a sense of power and dominance around the character
      • High angled shots
        • Give the character a sense of vulnerability and/or insignifigance
      • Editing
        • Editing can be slow paced or fast paced. It changes to fit the style of each genre.
    • Camera movement
      • Tracking shots
        • Follow the movement and action in a text.
      • Zoom
        • the camera moves from a long shot towards the subject. Allows the audience to be involved with the emotion of the text.
      • Panning shot
        • TThe camera moves horizontally across the scene.
        • Whip pan means that it moves across the scene at a high speed creating a blur effect suggesting pace and motion
      • In a tilt shot
        • Can be used to introduce a new character. The camera pans from top to bottom.


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