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  • "tears"
    • it's a stage direction describing Mitch
    • Mitch has become cross that he's never seen Blanche in the light so he rips the lantern off the light bulb
    • It shows that the character can be quite violent when anger comes into context
    • it links to scene three when Mitch puts the lantern on the lightbulb after Blanche asks him to cover the light
    • the effect is that Mitch is angry but also heartbroken so his rage is inflicted on Blanche to reveal the light to her in an attempt to hurt her like she did him
    • links to the "paper moon" which was a fantasy, make belief and an illusion. Mitch destroyed her illusion because he's angry at her lies
    • tearing means to leave something with irregular edges which could be a link to Blanche's irregular insanity and illusions


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