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  • The Supernatural
    • Frankenstein
      • Superhuman qualities
        • ' I grasped at his throat to silence him'- - super human strength when strangled William
        • - ' advancing towards me with superhuman speed'
        • Also not as prone to harsh weather conditions= his physical power exceeds human beings
      • Monster physical description
        • Takes body parts from graveyards = supernatural
        • - 'straight black lips' contrasted with the 'pearly whiteness' of creatures teeth > links to the appearance of monstrosity
      • Monster = supernatural
        • - 'more hideous than belongs to humanity'- 'unearthly in his ugliness'
      • Victor's abuse of electricity (natural force) to create something supernatural. he leaves behind the ordinary course of nature to create something abnormal and supernatural
        • 'infuse a spark of being'
      • Nature and sublime help monster to punish victor, supernatural connotations
        • Blown by 'high winds'' a heavy storm of rain' on his wedding nightdies in the arctic from cold
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • Indirect supernatural references
        • 'He was a big man, he moved as softly as if all his shoes had soles of velvet, as if his footfall turned the carpet into snow'
        • 'His strange, heavy, almost waxen face'
        • 'absolute absence of light'
        • 'heavy fleshy composure'
        • 'His face was as still as ever I'd seen it, still as a pond iced thickly over'
        • 'The voice that seemed to issue from a cave full of echoes'
        • 'His dark soft rumbling growl'
      • Direct supernatural references
        • 'a sharp premonition of dread'
        • 'white, broad face as if it were hovering, disembodied'
        • 'My little love, you'll never know how much I hate daylight!'
        • 'Pervasive atmosphere of a suspension of reality'
        • 'A constant human presence would remind him too bitterly of his otherness'
        • 'All the natural laws of the world were held in suspension'
      • 'He could not bring herself to touch him... he was so different from herself'




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