TB5 Lecture 4; Types of Speech Errors

These common errors give clues to the underlying mechanisms and units of language. This is better than third hand reports of errors as observer bias is removed and rigorous analysis can be conducted. Similarly, a good psychological model should be able to explain both these events, and correct circumstances in order to have credibility.

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  • Tb5 Lecture 4; Types of Speech errors
    • Phoneme anticipation
      • The mirst of May = The first of May
    • Phoneme preservation
      • God rest re merry gentlemen = ye
    • Feature preservation
      • Big bill = Big pill
    • Phoneme exchange
      • The lord is a shoving leopard = the lord is a loving shepard
    • Phoneme deletion
      • Backgound lighting = background ...
    • Affix deletion
      • The chimney catch fire = the chimney catches fire
    • Morpheme exchange
      • I randomed some samply = I sampled some randomly
    • Word blend
      • The chung of today = the young/ children of today
    • Word exchange
      • His mind came to name = his name came to mind
    • Phrase blend
      • Miss you a very much = miss you a great deal


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