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  • Task Analysis
    • Target Market
      • Shop owners that want more business
      • Businesses that want to become big
      • Any sort of store
    • Packaging and Design
      • Glow in the dark so evening shoppers can see it
      • Big and visable
      • Should flash or make some sort of noise
        • LED's flashing words like 'open' and 'closed
        • Should hum or sing a tune when it senses some ones presence
        • Should spin or move in some way
    • Health and Safety
      • Not heavy
        • Incase someone drops it
      • Circuit board should be securely in
      • Should be waterproof
      • Should have rounded edges
    • Circuit
      • Input
        • Switch
      • Output
        • LED's
        • Tune/ song
    • Materials
      • Spinning base
        • Made of acrylic
      • Actual shoe for display
        • High heel
      • LED's
    • Cost
      • Shouldn't be too cheap
        • As its hard to manufacture
      • Around £50


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