Talking in bed

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  • Talking in bed
    • Overview: isolation with marriage/ relationships, alone with partner in intimate private space. Explores problems of human communication. Physically laying close together but feel so far apart.
    • Themes: Relationship and love.
    • 'Ought'= implication it isn't.
    • 'Emblem of 2 people being honest'.= Arundel tomb link, Façade, not true. Image may be false.
    • 'Winds incomplete unrest'=  negative prefixes, no completion, not restful, pathetic fallacy to describe relationship.
    • Last stanza: Don't really know what to say. Fits with 1st stanza.
    • 'Or not unture and not unkind'= double negative prefixes. if cant find words which are kind and true hard to find words that wont hurt.


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