Weimar Germany - Violent party takeover attempts

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  • Takeover attempts
    • Communists
      • The Spartakist Uprising 1919
        • They tried to take over Berlin and start a Communist revolution
        • The Government turned the Freikorps on them leading to brutal murders. They were stopped
        • Leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were murdered
      • Communists in Bavaria 1919
        • The Communists said that Bavaria was a Communist republic
        • The Freikorps turned on them. 600 Communists were killed
        • The leader Eisner was shot dead
      • Red rising in the Ruhr 1921
        • Workers formed and army of 50,000
        • The Freikorps put them down. 2,000 were killed
        • Leaders were killed
    • Nationalists
      • Kapp Putsch 1920
        • Kapp led the Freikorps in an attempt to take over Berlin
        • The army would not move against him, but all the workers in Berlin went on strike so Kapp gave up
        • Kapp was put in prison
      • Hitler's Munich or Beer Hall Putsch 1923
        • Hitler was put in prison for 9 months
        • Hitler tried to take over Munich


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