tacitus as a storyteller

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  • tacitus as a storyteller
    • empathetic, unbiased
    • vivid description
      • graphic imagery
      • concise narration
        • asyndetic listing
        • impact of roman invasion seems quick
    • some humour
    • presentation of celts
      • BOUDICCA: sympathetic
        • pity for prasutagus, in his naivety
        • trinobantes moved to rebellion
    • presentation of romans
      • BOUDICCA: critical
        • brutality
          • **** of boudicca and her daughters
        • complete subjugation
          • temple of claudius: focal point of eternal tyranny
        • misconduct, corruption
          • retired soldiers; mistreating britons
            • younger soldiers hoping for the same freedom to misbehave
      • LAST STAND: sympathetic
        • shows soldiers' struggle when faced by celts


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