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  • Eucharist
      • give thanks to God what he has provided
        • - death of Jesus
          • -salvation
            • forgivnessof sins
              • eternal life
    • most important sacrament
      • other names: Holy communion, mass, lords supper
      • Jesus instituted us to take eucharist
      • -a meal which has the real presence of God
        • a  source of grace to which all believers are invited
        • memorial of Jesus last hours on earth
        • celebration of Jesus resurrection,and of the christians life with him
        • symbolic reminder for Gods love for human kind
        • a fellowship or 'communion' of christians and between them and God
      • Matthew 26:26-30
      • Gospel of John  6:58-59
        • 'words of institution'
      • 1 Corinthians 11:26
        • Wrote by Paul- set of instructions of how to do common as a community of believers
    • believe that to be spiritually nourished/healthy have to take communion
      • joined with other christians across the world- all join together in the body of christ
      • reminder of what Jesus did


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