4.3.9 - SDLC - Systems Investigation

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  • Systems Investigation
    • When problems emerge from the current system, the first stage is a structured review of the problems, current situation and desired outcome
    • A report is produced which analyses the existing system and examines the feasibility of a new system known as the Feasibility Report
    • The report usually covers
      • Existing Hardware and Software
        • What does the business currently use?
      • Definition of the scope of the existing system
        • What does the current system do?
        • May include an organisational chart showing who is responsible for different aspects of the system
        • Identifying where the data used for the system comes from
        • How information is gathered?
          • Order forms, delivery notes, invoices etc.
      • Major processing functions and processes
        • What happens to the data currently?
          • Searches, on screen forms, printouts, processes etc.
        • How does the data move through the system from 'capture' to 'outcome'
      • Identification of problems with the present system
        • These will summarise the need for a new system
          • Could range from a new to combine two smaller systems into one larger system to a wish to produce information in a wider range of formats
        • Are they going to save or lose money?
      • Identify user requirements for the new system
        • This will follow from investigations of the current problems and interviews with managers and staff
        • The user requirements will be key needs for a new system.
          • It will often not give a complete specification for the new system
      • Analysis of costs and benefits for the new system
        • A new system may be desirable and may certainly improve the day-to-day running of the business
          • However, all new systems cost money and a custom built system will potentially take months or longer to create
        • The feasibility report will detail whether a solution is possible and will also analyse whether it is worthwhile for the business in terms of time and money
  • Is it worth it?


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