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  • Systems
    • Legacy Systems
      • Refers to the old system that they have in place but it is still used.
        • It is essential that data portability is maintained between the new and the old system. Data portability is the ability to transfer data between different systems.
          • If the legacy system is to be replaced, then data transferability is important. This is the data from the old system being imported into the new one.
    • Back Office Systems
      • Is an ICT system that runs the internal operations of an organisations and it is not accessible by the general public.
    • Transaction processing
      • Is a system that is used at operational level of an organisations and they carry out the day-to-day operations of most organisations
    • Decision Support Systems
      • Are designed to help managers to make decisions, they tend to be used at strategic level.
        • An example of this would be an expert system which uses knowledge of base linked to a set of rules.
    • Customer Relationship Management
      • Used to store data about customers in order to improve the service given to them.
    • Workflow Management System
      • Are used in ICT to manage business processors, the software helps organisations to define and analyse their business processes to find out possible problems which they could improve upon.


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