Systematic v's heuristic processing model

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  • Systematic v's Heuristic processing model
    • Systematic processing
      • We consider the arguments carefully
      • The content is most important
      • More likely to use this strategy a situation is personally involving
    • CHAIKEN (80)
    • Heuristic processing
      • We take shortcuts to make up our mind
      • We over-simplify
      • The message content (where and how it is said) is most important
        • Expertise and attractiveness of speaker are therefore effective
          • Another factor is the number of points supporting the argument
      • Individual is more likely to use this strategy when personal involvement is low
      • Assumed these attitude changes will be less stable, more prone to change + less predictive to subsequent behaviour
        • Stroebe (02): Several studies show this to b the case
    • Which strategy is used depends on how important the issue is
    • Ito (02)
      • Studied the effects of heuristic and systematic processing
      • Findings
        • When P's were involved or interested in the issue they were influence by the strength of the message
          • Implying P's used systematic processing
        • P's with low interest in the issue were influence by the credibility of the source
          • Implying P's used heuristic processing
      • A02
        • Attitude changes were measured immediately afterwards
          • Short-term
          • Does not assess if changes are permanent


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