How Systematic Extermination came about

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  • Systematic extermination emerged as the final solution to the Jewish question as a result of the chaotic nature of the Nazi state
    • Planning
      • 1941-42 Operation Barbarossa lead to 500,000 Jews being shot
      • 1939 Speeches by Hitler and 1924 Mein Kampf talking about Jewish problem
        • Anti-Semitism had roots for centuries
        • Against the Aryan race
      • 1942 Wansee Conference suggest final details of the Holocaust
      • 1935 Nuremberg Laws
        • All Jews wear yellow stars, no citizenship, no shops etc
        • Jewish population 1939 - 234,000  1945 - 20,000
      • 1939 Goering to Heydrich to 'bring about complete solution of Jewish question'
      • 7 April 1933 Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service
      • Final solution 20 January 1942
        • Plan to kill 11million Jews
        • only 4000 Polish Jews of 3million survived
        • 6million died in total
    • Chaos
      • Cumulative Radicalisation
      • 1940 no plans with what to do with the Jews
      • Night of Broken Glass - 30,000 Jews arrested and 8,000 businesses destroyed but no plan for Jews
        • Hitler approved Gobbles actions but it became out of control
      • 1940 600,000 Jews from West Prussia dumped in Poland
        • Jews placed In Ghettos
      • 1940 Madagascar plan to dump all Jews on island
        • British controlled seas refuse plan
      • Victory over Poland saw Germany take 3million Jews
        • Emigration no longer possible
      • Premature war outbreak led to confusion
        • Individual agencies focused on themselves rather than German needs
      • Boycott on Jewish shops abandoned after 1 day
      • Nuremburg Laws made Jews feel it was end of violence and illegal persacution
        • Number of Jews emigrating dropped


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