operating system

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  • system software
    • programs that control or maintain the operations of the computer 
      • operating system
        • instructions  work together to coordinate  the activities among  hardware resources
          • Manages memory ram and virtual memory
          • Start and shut down a computer
          • Provide a user interface
          • Provide utilities
          • Automatically update
        • different operating systems
          • single user
            • allocates rights to each user
            • one user at a time
            • keeps user files separate
          • multi-tasking
            • tasks assigned different windows
            • runs multiple tasks simultaneously
            • processing time given and moves on
          • multi-user
            • logs processing time
            • allocates resources
            • multiple user at a time
      • utility programs
        • allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks
          • disk defragmenter
          • file manager
          • backup utility
          • restore utility
          • screen saver 


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