Feasibility Study

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  • Feasibility Study
    • TELOS
      • Technological
      • Economic
      • Legal
      • Operational
      • Schedule
    • Consider the scope and objectives of the proposed system
    • Systems Analyst writes a Feasibility Report that is sent to management
      • Management recommend whether or not to continue - they have the final say
        • Requirements Analyst
          • Staff at all levels of the business are interviewed to see where efficiency can be improved
          • Data is used to chart the flow of information around the organisation
          • Establishes what the new system will do and what the costs and benefits of the change are - management decide if they should proceed
          • System Design
            • What hardware and Software is to be used
            • Inputs, outputs, user interface, testing plan, conversation plan
            • Documentation, HCI, data validation, security features
            • Prototype
              • Developed and piloted as part of the organisation
              • Familiarises users with the look and feel of the new system
              • Iron's out any misunderstandings and can be used for training purposes
              • Implementation
                • Coding and testing the new system
                • Installation, training and conversion process
                • System Review
                  • Maintenance: 1. Perfective 2. Adaptive   3. Corrective


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